High Dynamic Range Photography or HDR is a special skill in photography in which a photographer replicates images with efficiency in brightness. This technique is much better than what an ordinary photography offers. The concept of HDR is like blending together different exposures of images taken at the very same area. This is simply the ratio between dark and bright regions of your photos which exceeds the range of how a human eye perceives.

HDR is the opportunity to open up different possibilities in real estate photography. It makes the work of photographers easier and it simply works like this. When they take photos from the inside, all the details of the room are obviously visible. What is remarkable is that the view outside the window does not look overexposed.

The use of light is the primary idea when it comes to photography. That is why many photographers are making use of HDR as a solution and becomes a better substitute to flash guns and the use of multiple lights. In HDR Photography, the delivery of a fresh and great looking image is typical but offers a natural feel.

How to Edit HDR Images?

If you need to need a little color correction for your real estate photos and wanted to try crop out some of the unnecessary angles from your images, you can proceed to the exposure buttons and you can have a selections of the dark mode, mid and bright at the base. You can select the mid exposure to bring down the highlights.

You can use the channels by clicking the RGB channel while simultaneously holding the Ctrl command, make a selection and hit f6. What comes next is the exposure and you can have the layout increase at 200%. Afterwards you can simply add a Layer Mask.

What you did was to create a Luminosity Mask out of the RGB channel. Whenever you wanted to enhance parts of your indoor space like the window panes of your room, all you need to do is bring out the Pencil while at the same time, making sure that the Rubber Band is turned ON. What you are trying to do is similar to cropping out of images. You need first to make a selection and hit Ctrl-Shift-Enter. After making the selection, you can set it to 1 pixel and add a Layer Mask.

If you are going to fix the ceiling of the room and make it white-colored, you can make the selection and you can use the same method that you used in your window panes. But make sure that your keyboard shortcuts for image are set up. After selecting the image, you can scroll down to REPLACE COLOR and set it to Ctrl-Shift-Alt-r. You can ACCEPT that and click OK.

Clicking Ctrl-Shift-Alt-r will bring out your REPLACE COLOR prompt. You can now make color adjustment by bringing up/down the button depending on the color that you or your client wanted. When there are small areas that you need to adjust, you can just hit the Alt key and hold down Shift and click Color.